MATCH : CM Punk v Samoa Joe


EVENT : Joe Vs. Punk II

VENUE : Chicago Ridge, Illinois

DATE : 16th October 2004


Background : At the ROH World Title Classic a few months prior these two men squared off against each other in a great match that would finish in a 60 minute time limit draw. Both CM Punk and Samoa Joe respect each other a lot but the fact remains that they need to know the answer to the big question 'Who is the better man?'. Ring of Honor was starting to garner a lot of attention at this point by showcasing young talent such as these two men and it was obvious that they both had an interesting future ahead of them. With both men only in their mid 20's you would be forgiven to think that they weren't experienced enough to put on a classic match but if they could somehow improve on their debut bout it would be just that. Joe walks into this match as champion having held the ROH World Title for over 18 months at this point but Punk definitely has the home advantage with the raw Chicago crowd roaring him on. - CLICK TO VIEW THE MATCH!

MATCH REVIEW : The best way for me to describe this match is 'jaw-dropping'. What this match done was inspire young independent wrestlers to strive for better by putting on great showcase matches that the likes of the WWE, TNA and Japanese promotions were watching with a keen eye. It was a nice change to see two young Independent performers share such an eagerness to improve professional wrestling. This match was much better than the original as it was kept to a quick pace whilst still maintaining a solid ground game that would build with a series of power moves, high flying spots and technical submission maneuvers. Both men would for 60 minutes try and outdo the other to gain the advantage but once again neither man could get the win. The draw would mean that ROH could make the most of their great young performers by advertsing a third final match in the trilogy to finally get a winner and that match would take place in the near future. Both of these men would eventually go on to better things especially Punk who would win multiple championships in the WWE.