MATCH : Bryan Danielson v Christopher Daniels v Low Ki

PROMOTION : Ring of Honor

EVENT : The Era of Honor Begins

VENUE : Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DATE : 23rd February 2002

STIPULATION : Triple Threat Match

BACKGROUND : The Era of Honor Begins was the first show put on by Ring of Honor which was an organisation that started up to fill the gap that was left when ECW was bought over by WWE. The first ever main event was between three men who would later be nicknamed 'The founding fathers of Ring of Honor'. Christopher Daniels had been wrestling in the independents and jobbing in the major promotions for around nine years, Bryan Danielson (later to be known as Daniel Bryan in WWE) was trained by Shawn Michaels and had been wrestling worldwide for around three years whilst Low-Ki had been working the Indies for a good four years learning his trade. A good main event could instantly give this new company a boost and perhaps give wrestling fans an alternative to the sometimes stale WWE programme. So would these three men be up to putting on a classic?...

MATCH REVIEW : This was a great way for ROH to start a promotion. With a great main event containing three men who were hungry for success in the business putting on a very good match. All three men since this match went on to become idolised in Indie wrestling and have had success in WWE or TNA but mainly due to the great matches they all had in ROH. I have mentioned before that I find triple threat matches sometimes hard to watch and invest in but when they are done right they can be great and this is a perfect example of it. A wonderfully timed match with a fantastic finish, managing to also promote the main event of the next show by organising a round robin between the same three men. Wonderful start to a new era in professional wrestling...