MATCH : Kenta Kobashi v Samoa Joe

PROMOTION : Ring of Honor

EVENT : Joe v Kobashi

VENUE : New Yorker Hotel, New York

DATE : 1st October 2005

BACKGROUND : This is the first time I had ever heard of or seen a Pay-Per-View that was name was just the main event participants. Simple but effective! Ring of Honor were able to bring in a Japanese legend in Kenta Kobashi for a few days so they decided (obviously) the best way to utilise him would be in a one-on-one match against their biggest star Samoa Joe. Hopefully this match would bring more publicity and prestige to ROH but for that to happen the match would have to be a success. Could they pull off a classic?....

MATCH REVIEW : This was a fantastic Japanese worked match with an American backdrop. Joe managed to get a couple of nods in by using moves that Kobashi's previous fiercest rivals had used back in All Japan Pro Wrestling. A perfectly laid out match that raised the profile of Ring of Honor in many peoples eyes both domestically and internationally. The crowd were eating everything up as well which gave this a big match feel which the company I feel needed. Kobashi proved once again in this match why he is regarded as one of the best this business has ever had.