MATCH : Blood Generation v Do FIXER

PROMOTION : Ring of Honor

EVENT : Supercard of Honor

VENUE : Chicago Ridge, Illinois

DATE : 31st March 2006

STIPULATION : Six Man Tag Match

BACKGROUND : Ring of Honor had a good working relationship with Dragon Gate and agreed to showcase one of there matches at the Supercard of Honor PPV. The match would be two factions squaring off in a six man tag match featuring CIMA, Masato Yoshino and Naruki Doi (aka Blood Generation) against Dragon Kid, Genki Horiguchi and Ryo Saito (aka Do FIXER). Dragon Gate is a Japanese promotion but it has a lot of Lucha Libre influences so the match is expected to be at a fast pace with a lot of reversals and high flying moves.

MATCH REVIEW : Some people might say that this match was just spot after spot but I personally thoroughly enjoyed it! I obviously wasn't the only one as the live crowd pop huge throughout the match which keeps the energy levels high. All in all this is a very innovative match and to me is one of the best Ring of a Honor matches of all time (even though it's a DG match). If people remember I also gave the Michinoku Pro multi tag match at ECW's Barely Legal 97 PPV a high rating and this was very similar in that it was a showcase match on a rival promotions PPV. What these six men did in this match was let all ROH fans that international wrestling especially Dragon Gate is also worth watching!