MATCH : Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko v Kidman/Rey Mysterio v Perry Saturn/Raven


EVENT : Slamboree 1999

VENUE : St Louis, Missouri

DATE : 9th May 1999


STIPULATION : Triple Threat Tag Match

BACKGROUND : In the late 90's WCW had a very good roster full of great undercard guys that really could have been given the ball to run with in terms of main eventing. Kidman and Rey Mysterio had been involved in a great feud for the Cruiserweight Title but managed to win the WCW Tag Team Titles together, Raven and Perry Saturn hadn't been doing very much since they split up from The Flock except put on some great matches in the tag division and Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko were members of the newest recreation of the 4 Horseman. These are six of the underrated mid card talents that WCW has on it's roster, so could they put in a PPV stealing match here?...

MATCH REVIEW : This was nothing short of an action packed entertaining 20 minute match. All three teams had different styles that all meshed well together and they put on a match here that epitomised the hard work they put into the business. Aside from the run in at the end, this match had enough to be classed as one of the best triple threat tag matches ever. Unfortunately these men would all continue to be overlooked at WCW and three of them would soon make the trip to WWF. The remaining three would also eventually make their way to WWF/E when the WCW was bought by Vince McMahon.