MATCH : Jeff Hardy v Rob Van Dam


EVENT : Summerslam 2001

VENUE : Compaq Center, San Jose, California

DATE : 19th August 2001


STIPULATION : Ladder Match

BACKGROUND : Summerslam 2001 took place in the midst of the Invasion angle which pitted WWF against the combined unit of WCW and ECW. The ladder match between WWF's Jeff Hardy and ECW's Rob Van Dam was a product of this feud with the Hardcore Title thrust between them. Both men were fan favourites though and were both known for their high flying talents. Jeff Hardy walks in as champion so can he retain the title against an ECW legend and give some much needed hope to the WWF faction?...

MATCH REVIEW : This match is very underrated for some reason! It's one of my favourite singles ladder matches of all time as both men got the right mix between high spots and psychology. In quite a stacked Summerslam card I felt this match stole the show and both men deserve the credit for that. Both men are quite similar in that when they are fully motivated they can pull off fantastic matches with ease but unfortunately they aren't always 100% motivated. I also have to mention the San Jose crowd who were on fire throughout the whole match cheering on these fan favourites. A great solid ladder match that needs to be viewed!!