MATCH : AJ Styles v Christopher Daniels


EVENT : Bound For Glory

VENUE : Orlando, Florida

DATE : 23rd October 2005


STIPULATION : 30 Minute Iron Man Match

BACKGROUND : These two guys were in the midst of a great feud over the X-Division championship which at the time was a very highly regarded title in the wrestling world. AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels are usually described as being the blood line of TNA Wrestling because they have been involved in so many of the company's most entertaining and important matches since its beginning. The fact that this match was made a 30 minute iron match made it all the more anticipating as both men would have to go a full 30 minutes in search of the most falls. Could this be as entertaining as their previous encounters?

MATCH REVIEW : This is a very much overlooked match in some cases and further proof that over the years TNA has put on some tremendous matches. These men give it all for a good 30 minutes and seem to make it look so easy. The obvious thing that is noticeable in a Styles v Daniels match is that the chemistry between the two is incredible, I have mentioned in previous inductions that there are very few wrestlers that mesh so well but these two men are near the top of that list. Another positive that both these men do really well is emphasise the importance of the X-Division title which over the years has lost it's substance (as has WWE's Intercontinental and US titles) but with AJ almost brought to tears when he retains it shows how much the championship means to him.