MATCH : AJ Styles v Christopher Daniels


EVENT : Final Resolution 2009

VENUE : Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida

DATE : 20th December 2009

CHAMPIONSHIP : TNA Heavyweight Title

BACKGROUND : AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels were and still are two of the longest reigning members of the TNA roster having been with the company since its very early days. The feud between the two can be traced all the way back to 2004 where both men fought over the X-Division title but they have also spent time together as a successful tag team having held Tag Title belts. This though, would be a major advancement in their feud though as never had they fought in the main event of a major PPV for the TNA Heavyweight Title before. So could AJ hold on to his belt or would Daniels win his first major championship? Either way could these men pull off a great match in a top spot?

MATCH REVIEW : I think it became inevitable that these two men had a chemistry together that so few wrestlers have after pulling off another successful match up against each other. It is for this reason I imagine that 3 years later in TNA and these two are still having great matches in a never ending TNA feud. With a stronger finish this match could have easily been a 5 star match but instead of talking about what could have been, I simply want to praise these men for a very hard working match that was 20 minutes of pure excellence. This certainly won't be the last AJ v Daniels match inducted into the Wrestling Match Hall of Fame.