MATCH : America's Most Wanted v Triple X


EVENT : Turning Point 2004

VENUE : TNA Impact! Zone, Orlando, Florida

DATE : 5th December 2004

STIPULATION : Six Sides of Steel Match

BACKGROUND : The main event of Turning Point 2004 was contested in TNA's version of a cage match called Six Sides of Steel. The teams of America's Most Wanted (Chris Harris & James Storm) and Triple X (Christopher Daniels & Elix Skipper) had been feuding for some over the NWA Tag Team Titles but now the feud had turned personal. TNA authority figure Dusty Rhodes then made the decision that the only way to finish this red hot feud would be a Six Sides of Steel Cage match but with the added stipulation that the losing team would have to disband and no longer team together. So have we seen the end of Americas Most Wanted or Triple X?

MATCH REVIEW : This is definitely one of the best matches in TNA history in my honest opinion. It has all the wonderful spots such as the amazing sight that seen Skipper walk along the top of the cage and deliver a hurricanrana to Chris Harris. It also had a lot of drama as well and it wasn't a usual TNA spot match! These four men all brought their best to the table for this awesome encounter that started at a great pace and never slowed down! Well worthy of an induction.