MATCH : AJ Styles v Christopher Daniels v Samoa Joe


EVENT : Turning Point 2009

VENUE : TNA Impact! Zone, Orlando, Florida

DATE : 15th November 2009

CHAMPIONSHIP : TNA World Heavyweight Title

BACKGROUND : Four years prior to this match, at a PPV called Unbreakable, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels and Samoa Joe had a 5* classic triple threat match that many people including myself feel is the best match in TNA history. Fast forward to 2009 and the fan favourite team of AJ & Daniels would be starting to split again with Samoa Joe leading them down a path of mistrust so a second triple threat match was made. AJ would go into the match with the TNA World Heavyweight Title but could he repeat the result of the previous triple threat match and walk out with the belt? And would the match live up to the original four years prior?

MATCH REVIEW : Although the match was not as good as the original the barrier was set very high to try and replicate. The match itself was probably one of the best matches in TNA history, possibly even top 5, with all three men going hell for leather the whole 20 minutes. This had incredible levels of excitement and drama throughout and as a stand alone match would have got a lot more credit! I have stated in previous columns/inductions that it is incredibly hard to pull off a believable triple threat match and these men have done this now on two occasions. The effort from all three men to try and recreate the magic from the first match is excellent! A must watch match!