MATCH : Dean Malenko v Eddie Guerrero


EVENT : Uncensored 1997

VENUE : North Charleston Coliseum, North Carolina

DATE : 16th March 1997

CHAMPIONSHIP : WCW United States Title


BACKGROUND : At this point in 1997 the WCW was all about Hogan and the NWO but what wrestling fans really remember about this era is the great undercard matches featuring Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, Booker T, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio etc. This match in particular took place right as Guerrero was in the midst of a heel turn and was frequently breaking rules in matches to the annoyance of the crowd. Malenko and Guerrero had put on endless amounts of good matches both in WCW and ECW so how would this one compare?

MATCH REVIEW : 1997 was the year of Dean Malenko in many ways as he put on some great matches throughout that time. This match was heading for a 5* classic but due to a couple of reasons that didn't exactly happen. Firstly, the finish was a bit screwy and the two men in the ring didn't deserve that. Unfortunately, the WCW commentary team would constantly overlook these great undercard matches on PPV to talk and build up the main event match. These two reasons lowered the rating of the match but it was still a great bout featuring two of the best wrestlers of the era! If you have ordered the WWE Network and you are wanting to check out old WCW PPV's then I recommend the undercard matches over the headline matches.