MATCH : Brian Pillman v Johnny B Badd


EVENT : Fall Brawl 1995

VENUE : Asheville Civic Center, North Carolina

DATE : 17th September 1995


BACKGROUND : Both Brian Pillman and Johnny B Badd were doing reasonably well in the WCW mid-card at this point in 1995 but the winner of this match was due a shot at Sting's US Championship. Both men were working successfully as faces going into this match so could one of them impress enough to win the match and go on to beat Sting for a massive title reign?...

MATCH REVIEW : This was a spectacular bout between two men who really didn't hit the heights they probably should have in pro wrestling. Johnny B Badd was on a great run in 1995 and this is one of his best matches of all time but when he moved over to the WWF in 1996 his talents were wasted. The same can be said of Brian Pillman who was doing so much positive work in WCW but due to injuries he never met the level that was quite expected of him when he passed away in 1997. A great match up with some terrific storyline and so much athletic ability. Definitely a match of the year candidate for 1995 and I would place it on a Best of WCW DVD!