MATCH : Hulk Hogan v Ric Flair


EVENT : Halloween Havoc 1994

VENUE : Joe Lewis Arena, Detroit, Michigan

DATE : 23rd October 1994

CHAMPIONSHIP : WCW World Heavyweight Title

STIPULATION : Retirement Cage Match


BACKGROUND : This would only be the second time that these two icons had met on PPV so it was quite a big deal. Hulk Hogan had pinned Ric Flair to lift the WCW World Heavyweight Title at Bash at the Beach just months prior and this was Flair's opportunity to regain the belt. To make sure there is no outside interference this was a cage match with Mr T as special guest referee. The other major angle involving this match was the added stipulation that whoever lost this match was made to retire. So the two biggest names in wrestling throughout the 80's would fight for a career, but who would be lifting the title at the end and who would be looking for employment elsewhere?

MATCH REVIEW : This was as good a Hogan match as you are likely to get and that is pretty much thanks to Ric Flair. A good way to the end the feud and a great way to build the company around Hogan. Unfortunately for WCW this ended the old-school wrasslin' era of the company and ushered in a new direction letting Hogan and his friends run the company. The next couple of years in the federation were very poor until the NWO sparked life back into the company. Flair obviously never actually retired from the ring following this match but did take some time off. A good match that sort of brought an end to the Flair-Hogan fantasy booking that went on throughout the 80's and early 90's.