MATCH : DDP v Sting


EVENT : Monday Night Nitro

VENUE : Fargo, North Dakota

DATE : 26th April 1999

CHAMPIONSHIP : WCW World Heavyweight Title


BACKGROUND : Sting and DDP were both veterans of WCW by 1999 and it had been some time since WCW Nitro was producing a programme anywhere near as entertaining as WWF Raw. Many people will have looked at this match on Nitro and dismissed it as two old timers who had put on numerous matches previously together. DDP was just starting his first ever reign as WCW World Heavyweight Champion which had been 'hot-shotted' four times in the last five months. Could these two put on a performance to rival WWF's younger and riskier product?

MATCH REVIEW : Firstly, DDP's heel character was incredibly over throughout this match with the crowd heavily invested in getting behind Sting! This match was very entertaining and proved that on the right night these two men could still go, props go to DDP for revitalising his character and making it more meaningful in 1999 and to Sting who played his part as the hero who overcomes the odds to a great reaction. Unfortunately, the idiots in charge of WCW at the time made this match pretty redundant when they set Sting into a another match later in the night against 3 men where DDP would regain his title. For those doing the math that is now 6 World Title changes in 5 months (with many more to come). Still, a great match!!