MATCH : Ric Flair v Ricky Steamboat


EVENT : Spring Stampede 1994

VENUE : Rosemont Horizon, Chicago, Illinois

DATE : 17th April 1994

CHAMPIONSHIP : WCW World Heavyweight Title

BACKGROUND : When Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat step in the ring together they don't do bad matches! In fact the series of matches they had in 1989 for the NWA World Heavyweight Title were some of the best wrestling I have ever seen. Fast forward 5 years and could these two men still put on a spectacle? Ric Flair was the champion walking into the match and somehow Steamboat was number one contender. There was no real build up but Flair was starting to show heel tendencies teasing a turn in the near future.

MATCH REVIEW : This really was another excellent encounter between these two legends. Flair and Steamboat just go together like strawberries and cream! A wonderful match that lasted over 30 minutes and was an excellent way to finish a good PPV. It was like these two men had just continued there wonderful rivalry from the late 80's and neither had lost a yard of pace. Not a massive fan of the ending but at least it led to both men facing off once again in another great match at a WCW Saturday Night show.