MATCH : Brian Pillman v Jushin Liger


EVENT : Superbrawl 2

VENUE : Milwaukee, Wisconsin

DATE : 29th February 1992

CHAMPIONSHIP : WCW Light Heavyweight Title

BACKGROUND : The WCW Light Heavyweight Title was brought into WCW at the end of 1991 and at this point only Flyin' Brian Pillman and Jushin 'Thunder' Liger had held the title. This was another match between the two Cruiserweights that were having matches that hadn't necessarily been showcased in America much up to that point. So could Pillman regain the title he lost to Liger on Christmas Day 91? Or would Liger retain the strap?

MATCH REVIEW : This was a terrific match that got the live crowd 100% invested to the point where both men get a large standing ovation. This was the start of the legendary WCW Cruiserweight division and I found it interesting how they were able to go through the match without having to resort to different spots for crowd reaction. Instead these men used a mix of athleticism and ring psychology to gain that respect. A wonderful start to a PPV it also has to be said because the crowd were then hot right from the start! Although the Light Heavyweight Title was short lived it changed to the Cruiserweight Title in both WCW and the WWE with some terrific moments and matches.