MATCH : Cactus Jack v Paul Orndorff


EVENT : Superbrawl 3

VENUE : Asheville, North Carolina

DATE : 21st February 1993

STIPULATION : Falls Count Anywhere Match


BACKGROUND : Paul Orndorff was at the end of his wrestling career here after having great success in the WWF throughout the 1980's. Since joining WCW in the early 90's he had been involved with some great matches too and helped in bringing through great talent. On the other side of the ring was Cactus Jack who had very little success up until now but as we all know would go on to have huge success in the WWF/E also. So with these two men in different places of their career, who could pick up the win? The match was made a Falls Count Anywhere match to fit Cactus Jack's unpredictable personality, so does that hand the crazy Jack the edge?



MATCH REVIEW : This was a proper wild match and sort of a precursor to the attitude era that was still about four years away from happening. Mick Foley as Cactus Jack took some heavy bumps as always and Orndorff held his side of the match too. A nice fun match that is sometimes overlooked because it was a somewhat shooed in PPV match. Well worth the watch!