MATCH : Rey Mysterio v Ultimo Dragon


EVENT : World War 3 1996

VENUE : Norfolk Scope Arena, Virginia

DATE : 24th November 1996

CHAMPIONSHIP : J-Crown Championship


BACKGROUND : In the mid 90's WCW was quickly becoming the must watch Wrestling promotion on American TV. With big name stars like Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage, young stars like The Giant and DDP, great wrestlers like Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko and of course Lucha Libre high flyers like these two men. Rey Mysterio was only 21 at this point but could still deliver a great match whilst Ultimo Dragon had been performing around the World getting large acclaim wherever he went. The match is for the J Crown Championship which was eight Cruiserweight titles from around the world defended as one. This match was always going to be great viewing but could they start this PPV off with a bang?!

MATCH REVIEW : A solid match from two reasons why WCW was doing so well in the 90s and why they managed to overtake WWF as the no.1 federation for a short spell. Matches involving Rey, Ultimo Dragon, Super Calo, Psychosis, Konnan and others were really helping WCW create something really special to watch. Ultimo Dragon had a very powerful Lucha style that meshed well with Mysterio flying about with a more traditional Lucha style! Very entertaining and shows that you don't need any build for two talented men to put on a great match.