MATCH : Lex Luger v Ric Flair


EVENT : WrestleWar 1990

VENUE : Greensboro, North Carolina

DATE : 25th February 1990

CHAMPIONSHIP : NWA World Heavyweight Title


BACKGROUND : In 1990 the people at the head offices of WCW had decided that Ric Flair had been seen as face of the company for too long and was to be replaced by the younger Sting as soon as possible. The match between Flair and Sting was on for WrestleWar 1990 but unfortunately an injury to Sting meant he had to be replaced by his good friend and U.S. Champion Lex Luger. So could Luger overcome Flair and his Four Horsemen or would the veteran manage to hold onto his title?



MATCH REVIEW : This is a terrific match that sometimes gets forgotten about when you are talking about either WCW or Ric Flair classics. Lex Luger to be fair isn't involved in many matches that are ****+ but this is definitely one of them! Both men managed to keep the audience invested in the match for around 40 minutes which is not an easy thing to do and although the match ends with a screwy finish, it's one that makes the faces look good whilst keeping the heat on the heels. Recommend this match highly!!