MATCH : The Steiner Brothers v Takayuki Lizuka/Tatsumi Fujinami


EVENT : Wrestlewar 1992

VENUE : Jacksonville, Florida

DATE : 17th May 1992

BACKGROUND : In the early 90's, WCW had a working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling which seen stars from both sides make appearances in both countries. On this occasion, the winner of this match would face the IWGP Tag Team Champions Bam Bam Bigelow & Vader. Tatsumi Fujinami was the veteran of the Japanese team having wrestled all over the world for a host of different organisations. Takayuki Lizuka was a mainstay in New Japan and was known as more of a submission specialist. The Steiners were quickly becoming one of the most popular tag teams in all of American wrestling and were certainly catching the eye of rival promotion WWF. So would this Japan v America tag team battle be any good and who would get the chance to fight for the IWGP tag straps?


MATCH REVIEW : This is a really stiff match but that is both the Japanese style and the Steiner style. Nonetheless this a great match which proved how much of a roll the Steiner Brothers were on, everything they were touching was gold in the early 90's. Matches like this were very rare in America at this time so it is a must watch for any fan of Puroresu. The Steiners would soon move on to the WWF where they would have some great matches in a short period of time.