MATCH : Brian Kendrick/Paul London v Dave Taylor/William Regal v The Hardy Boyz v MNM


EVENT : Armageddon 2006

VENUE : Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, Virginia

DATE : 17th December 2006


STIPULATION : Four Way Ladder Match

BACKGROUND : In the mid 00's the WWE had a slight resurgence of the tag team division and for this reason a tag team championship was given to each separate brand. The Smackdown brand had the WWE Tag Team Championship and the holders Brian Kendrick and Paul London had reigned supreme for the last 7 months. This would be their biggest challenge yet though as this was a four way ladder match against tag team legends The Hardy Boyz, veteran Brits Dave Taylor and William Regal and a new young team called MNM. So could Kenrick and London hold on to the straps or would their impressive reign come to an end?

MATCH REVIEW : Firstly, I have to mention the ladder shot to the face that Joey Mercury took. Wow! I still think he was lucky not to have had permanent injury after that spot but it was pretty memorable nonetheless. The match overall was a fantastic spot-fest which is usually the case when the Hardy Boyz are in town. Jeff Hardy and Brian Kendrick especially took some seriously insane bumps which you would come to expect! A good match that was definitely a stand out on the PPV and showed that the WWE had confidence in the lightweight tag team of Kendrick & London. This is one of those matches that goes under the radar when talking about good ladder matches but it should be up there - very entertaining!