MATCH : Chris Benoit v HHH v Shawn Michaels


EVENT : Backlash

VENUE : Edmonton, Alberta

DATE : 18th April 2004

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWE World Heavyweight Title


BACKGROUND : The triple threat match between Chris Benoit, HHH and Shawn Michaels was the main event at Backlash as it was at Wrestlemania 20. Benoit had pulled off what many would call an upset to lift the WWE World Heavyweight Title in an emotional end to the biggest show of the year. This match would take place just one month later so could Benoit cement his place as a fighting champion by winning the triple threat match again or would he choke and lose the belt on his first defence?

MATCH REVIEW : The match was built around Benoit and WWE trying to make it seem like his Wrestlemania win wasn't just a fluke. All three men were a lot more dominant in this match and it worked. I don't think their is much between the two matches in terms of which is better but I can tell you that they are both very good! To have Benoit defeat Shawn Michaels with the Sharpshooter in Canada was also a great twist to finish the match and made the champion look real strong. This certainly solidified Benoit as a main eventer and showcased his talents in front of his hometown fans.