MATCH : Shawn Michaels v Triple H


EVENT : Bad Blood 2004

VENUE : Columbus, Ohio

DATE : 13th June 2004

STIPULATION : Hell in a Cell Match

BACKGROUND : Triple H and Shawn Michaels had been feuding on and off since Shawn's return to the ring two years prior. At Wrestlemania XX both men were involved in a triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title which was won by Chris Benoit and Benoit was victorious again in the rematch at Backlash. This poured fuel on the feud between HHH and Michaels who both began costing each other matches on Raw. The only way to solve the situation was a Hell in a Cell match, but just who from these two legends would be able to stand victorious?

MATCH REVIEW : Although I would agree with the many that felt this match was too long I do think it was a lot better than many gave it credit it for. The two guys worked a great story into the match as well as some great high spots also. The two men deserve credit for throwing it all out there and delivering one of the best Hell in a Cell matches of that decade! Unfortunately, the time killed all the anticipation from the crowd but I still think highly of the match overall and a fantastic way to end a very memorable feud!