MATCH : Chris Jericho v CM Punk v John Morrison v R-Truth v Rey Mysterio v The Undertaker


EVENT : Elimination Chamber 2010

VENUE : Scottrade Center, St Louis, Missouri

DATE : 21st February 2010

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWE World Heavyweight Title

STIPULATION : Elimination Chamber Match

BACKGROUND : This was the Smackdown brands Elimination Chamber match for the World Heavyweight Title. The participants of the match were current champion The Undertaker, elimination chamber veteran Chris Jericho, John Morrison, Rey Mysterio, CM Punk and R-Truth. The five contenders all won qualifying matches to get a chance at the 'Big Gold Belt'. The added incentive was that the winner would likely get the chance to defend the Title at the biggest event of the year, Wrestlemania. So which of these six men would go to the grandest stage of them all?

MATCH REVIEW : I remember watching this match at the time and kind of knowing that it would end this way somehow with Shawn Michaels getting involved. In saying that, no matter how predictable it was, it was still a very good elimination chamber match! I have said in the past that these matches have the ability to tell a great story given 35-40 minutes and they did that in this match. The match had great pacing and the eliminations were timed well, with John Morrison making a good impact. Interesting that Jericho got the Title but Undertaker ended up main eventing Michaels at Wrestlemania which is a previous Hall of Fame match induction.