MATCH : CM Punk v John Cena


EVENT : Money In The Bank 2011

VENUE : Chicago, Illinois

DATE : 17th July 2011


STIPULATION : If John Cena loses he gets fired!

BACKGROUND : This match was the main event for the Money in the Bank 2011 PPV. The backstory behind it revolved around CM Punk vowing to beat John Cena for the WWE World Title with the added twist that his contract was to expire the next day and so he would walk away from the company whilst taking the championship with him. CM Punk claimed in a very good promo that he was being mistreated by Vince McMahon and the WWE and that this would be the perfect way to seek his revenge on the company. John Cena managed to persuade Vince to put his faith in him to retain the title by adding in a stipulation that if CM Punk walked out of the company with it's most coveted title then he would be fired from his WWE contract. So would Punk walk away from wrestlings biggest company empty handed or would he walk away as World Champion?

MATCH REVIEW : WWE has never booked a match with as much drama as this in the last decade. Between the great build up these men engineered in the weeks leading up to the event and the surprisingly excellent drama throughout the match it really made this one of the most see feuds in the history of wrestling. A lot of credit has to go to Cena and Punk who made the summer of 2011 must see television for the WWE. Unfortunately, the company weren't able to capitalise on this great feud and quickly rushed both men onto the show even though Punk was supposed to be out of contract and Cena was supposed to be fired! Another huge bonus in this match was the electric Chicago crowd who were rightfully behind their hometown boy, CM Punk, from start to finish. A great historical match from the modern era WWE which is a rarity these days!