MATCH : Batista v Chris Benoit v Chris Jericho v Edge v HHH v Randy Orton


EVENT : New Year's Revolution

VENUE : San Juan, Puerto Rico

DATE : 9th January 2005

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWE World Heavyweight Title

STIPULATION : Elimination Chamber Match


BACKGROUND : For the first Pay Per View of 2005, the main event was an Elimination Chamber to determine a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The match featured six of the best from the Raw brand including Batista, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Edge, HHH and Randy Orton. All six men had to win a match to qualify and the winner in the shortest time would be the last entrant in the chamber. Batista won his match in just over 3 minutes to give him the huge advantage but could he beat five other men to lift the title?

MATCH REVIEW : One of the best Elimination Chamber matches to date with some terrific storytelling. Batista and Orton were made to look very strong in defeat which enhances them both into the main event slot and HHH was perfect in the heel you love to hate role. A lot of the match was storyline advancement heading into Wrestlemania season but with that in mind they done a great job of putting on a memorable main event whilst not damaging the losing entrants. Match of the Year candidate from the WWE in my opinion.