MATCH : CM Punk v John Cena


EVENT : Night of Champions 2012

VENUE : Boston, Massachusetts

DATE : 16th September 2012


BACKGROUND : CM Punk and John Cena had a very long and successful feud throughout 2011 which included the match of the year at Money in the Bank so it came as no surprise when they would re-ignite the feud in 2012. Going into the Night of Champions PPV, Punk had been WWE Champion for a long spell and had defeated all contenders for his title. CM Punk had been managed by Paul Heyman over the last few months and had developed a very different personality than the one that was cheered out of Chicago in 2011. Cena had gone a long time without wearing the belt and he simply wanted another title reign. So would he be able to end Punk's long reign?

MATCH REVIEW : This was another great encounter between the two staple men of the WWE over the last few years. Although this wasn't the best match these men have had together, it did entertain me more than any other in the WWE in 2012. The only thing that really let it down was the swerve ending that I feel WWE could have booked a lot better. An emotional roller coaster that in my opinion still proves Cena to be one of the best in the WWE when he has his hunger to deliver stellar storytelling in his matches.