MATCH : Big Show v Edge v Jeff Hardy v Triple H v The Undertaker v Vladmir Kozlov


EVENT : No Way Out 2009

VENUE : Seattle, Washington

DATE : 15th February 2009


BACKGROUND : Edge came into this match as WWE World Title after defeating long time rival Jeff Hardy at the Royal Rumble when Matt Hardy turned on his own brother. This would (quite unfairly) be Jeff's rematch opportunity involving another four men. Vladimir Kozlov was so far unbeaten in singles competition and Triple H had won this title on seven previous occasions so these two men were huge threats. You could never rule out the giant Big Show and also legendary Undertaker. So with odds like these could Edge hold onto his belt?

MATCH REVIEW : This was a great storytelling match from start to finish basically. Edge, the reigning WWE champ, was eliminated by Hardy in the first four minutes which not only blew the title picture wide open but gave Jeff Hardy a lot of retribution in his feud with Edge. Jeff Hardy was wrestling at his peak in my opinion in early 2009 and for 28 minutes showed great athleticism and memorable spots. The mini match at the end between Undertaker and Triple H was also fantastic and showed that these two veterans could still go. The only lull in the match came when Kozlov and Big Show were comparing power moves but all in all a very good match that utilises the Elimination Chamber to its full potential. The Pay Per View was an overall success and this elimination chamber match was almost outshone by the surprise Edge victory in the elimination chamber main event for the a World Heavyweight Title which was inducted a few weeks previous.