MATCH : Chris Jericho v Edge v John Cena v Kane v Mike Knox v Rey Mysterio


EVENT : No Way Out 2009

VENUE : Seattle, Washington

DATE : 15th February 2009 

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWE World Heavyweight Title

STIPULATION : Elimination Chamber Match


BACKGROUND : This was the Elimination Chamber match for the Raw brand and the main event of the No Way Out PPV. John Cena comes into the match as World Heavyweight Champion having defeated Chris Jericho around three months prior at Survivor Series. The six men involved in this match were Cena (the champ), Jericho, Mike Knox, Rey Mysterio, Kane and Edge. The latter had lost his WWE World Title in the opening match in the Smackdown Elimination Chamber but decided to enter this match by taking out Kofi Kingston on his entrance. So which of these six men would prevail with the big gold belt? Also, how would this match rank along previous elimination chamber matches?

MATCH REVIEW : This match highlights to me how important the Edge character was throughout the 00's. Edge was a terrific heel with great heat and was one of the best at playing the conniving trickster who would do anything in his power to get to the top. This was a great Elimination Chamber match with strong roles from Jericho, Rey Mysterio and especially Edge. The twist that Edge would walk into the PPV as WWE Champion and walk out as World Heavyweight Champion also added to the excitement of the main event. Edge and Cena would go on to have another great feud for the next few months which included a good match at Wrestlemania in a triple threat with Big Show.