MATCH : Chris Benoit v Kurt Angle


EVENT : Royal Rumble 2003

VENUE : Boston, Massachusetts

DATE : 19th January 2003


BACKGROUND : Kurt Angle had been WWE World Champion for the matter of weeks since defeating Big Show at the recent Armageddon pay per view. Benoit had managed to become number one contender to the title by defeating Big Show in a match on Smackdown. Most fans were salivating over the thought of a match between these two excellent technical wrestlers, so could the match actually live up to the expectation that was being built around it?

MATCH REVIEW : This was a very good match between two very talented in-ring workers that in the early 00's put on wrestling master classes. This was twenty minutes of mat wrestling, great storytelling and a superb set of counters and reversals. Kurt Angle was built to win the match and retain the belt so he could go on to defend it against Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania which would turn out to be a great decision but in hindsight either Benoit or Angle could have pulled off a terrific match with Lesnar. A great match up that I believe doesn't get the recognition it deserves all too often because of the high expectations that fans assumed the men would deliver.