MATCH : John Cena v Umaga


EVENT : Royal Rumble 2007

VENUE : San Antonio, Texas

DATE : 28th January 2007


STIPULATION : Last Man Standing Match

BACKGROUND : Since beating Edge four months ago John Cena had reigned supreme as WWE Champion and it was only common sense to have the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer Umaga named as the number contender. So at the New Years Revolution PPV the two went head to head. After a gruelling match Cena came out on top but the next night on Raw a rematch was made and this time it would be a Last Man Standing match. Would Cena still be able to retain his title in a difficult match against a monster?

MATCH REVIEW : The way the WWE built Umaga was brilliant and made him look like a real threat to John Cena's championship. The actual match grew the longer it went on and the finishing sequence at the end was fantastic. If you want to watch a Superhero v Monster wrestling match then this is a great example of how one should be booked. Big respect to the two guys for pulling this out of the bag when it wasn't necessarily expected!