MATCH : Edge v Jeff Hardy


EVENT : Royal Rumble 2009

VENUE : Joe Lewis Arena, Detroit, Michigan

DATE : 25th January 2009



BACKGROUND : Jeff Hardy had been WWF World Champion for around a month or so and he had been feuding with Edge for what seemed like his entire WWF/E career whether it was in singles competition or as part of a tag team. The build up to this match saw Hardy kept being involved in a series of accidents of which he kept blaming Edge. Such things as being involved in a hit and run and also being burned by his own entrance pyro. So would Hardy manage to hold on to his belt and would he be able to put this feud with Edge to bed by making him own up to being behind the attacks?

MATCH REVIEW : As stated previously, these two had worked with each other for many years and because of that they connect very well and have great chemistry together. The first half of the match was good but then they suddenly kicked into gear and brought out a great match. The shock ending of having Matt Hardy turn on his own brother was good but everyone expected the return of Christian which I would have personally preferred. Also, I wasn't keen on Jeff dropping the belt on his first title defence but Edge was at the top of his game and was such a great heel that crowd were booing him and Matt out of the building. A great match between two of the best wrestlers of their generation.