MATCH : Brock Lesnar v John Cena v Seth Rollins


EVENT : Royal Rumble 2015

VENUE : Wells Fargo Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

DATE : 25th January 2015


BACKGROUND : Brock Lesnar had been WWE World Champion since Summerslam when he defeated (and dominated) John Cena. Cena managed to beat Seth Rollins in a TLC match to become number one contender and get his shot at regaining the belt at Royal Rumble. At the Survivor Series PPV the Authority lost their power in the company but Rollins managed to coerce John Cena into getting their jobs back which resulted in The Authority handing Rollins a place in the match. Could the young Rollins shock the world and pick up the World Title by defeating two legends in one match?

MATCH REVIEW : This was a terrific match and very possibly the WWE's best match of 2015. Brock Lesnar is a total beast and it is great fun to just watch him destroy everything in his path. Big match John always pulls out everything he has for big occasions like this and Seth Rollins is one of the most talented guys on the WWE roster so all three men were a good fit for this match. I know that he only performs part-time but over the last few years Brock Lesnar has easily been my favourite part of WWE, what he does in the ring is so much more realistic and different than anything else the company has to offer. All in all a terrific match that deserves its spot as one of the best Royal Rumble PPV matches of all time.