MATCH : 30 Man Royal Rumble


EVENT : Royal Rumble 2004

VENUE : Philadelphia, Penns

DATE : 25th January 2004

BACKGROUND : Royal Rumble 2004 as always was a platform to announce a challenger for the World Title at Wrestlemania whilst also creating undercard matches for the biggest show of the year. Heading into the match the main threats to win were Goldberg who had drawn number 30, Kurt Angle who had vowed to win, Chris Benoit who was an outsider at number 1, Randy Orton , John Cena, Big Show or Kane.

MATCH REVIEW : This was without a doubt one of the best Royal Rumbles of all time but it does follow a similar template to '95 with Orton and Benoit playing the roles of Shawn Michaels and Davey Boy Smith for long parts. The reason I rate this so highly as it managed to set up all the main matches for Wrestlemania. We get some nice interaction from Goldberg/Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton/Mick Foley which set up their matches for Wrestlemania. Benoit winning also gave him enough credit to go into a World Title match and hang with the biggest names in the business. This is one of the best Rumbles ever and was as fun as a rumble can be.