MATCH : Big Show v Drew McIntyre v Edge v Kane v Rey Mysterio v Wade Barrett


EVENT : Elimination Chamber 2011

VENUE : Oracle Arena, Oakland, California

DATE : 20th February 2011

STIPULATION : Elimination Chamber Match

BACKGROUND : Edge went into the Elimination Chamber match as World Heavyweight Champion but the deck was stacked against him as he would have to defeat Big Show, Drew McIntyre, Kane, Rey Mysterio and Wade Barrett if he wanted to walk into Wrestlemania with the title. The Royal Rumble victor, Alberto Del Rio, would face whoever won this match at the greatest event of the year so a chance to defend the Heavyweight Title at Wrestlemania was a great incentive for all six of these men.

MATCH REVIEW : As people will now be well aware of, I am a massive fan of Elimination Chamber matches as they can build a great story within a 30-40 minute match. This match is no different although it was a bit slow to start but around the 12 minute mark the match really kicks into action. The two men who rose to the occasion were Edge and Rey Mysterio who both put on an excellent finishing sequence that kept you guessing who was going to walk out with the belt. I personally thought Rey would win the belt so I was surprised when Edge was able to retain. A great match that again shows the potential of the Elimination Chamber stipulation.