MATCH : Chris Jericho v Goldberg v Kevin Nash v Randy Orton v Shawn Michaels v Triple H


EVENT : Summerslam 2003

VENUE : Phoenix, Arizona

DATE : 24th August 2003

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWE World Heavyweight Title

STIPULATION : Elimination Chamber Match

BACKGROUND : This was the second ever Elimination Chamber match with the first being at Survivor Series 2002. The original plan for the main event was to be Triple H defending his World Heavyweight Title against Goldberg but the match was changed to an Elimination Chamber featuring both of those men as well as Kevin Nash, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels. These were the top six wrestlers in the Raw brand at the time.

MATCH REVIEW : The main story of the match is the cowardly champion Triple H trying to avoid losing his title to the very dominant Goldberg. The match was very good but was not the best Elimination Chamber of all time. Goldberg played a great part in the match and probably should have got the big pay off at the end! The interaction between Jericho and HBK was also good. This was a quicker paced Elimination Chamber and that worked well with the crowd who were red hot at parts and stone dead in others. Elimination Chamber matches to be honest are always worth a replay watch so if you have seen it try watching again!