MATCH : John Cena v Randy Orton


EVENT : Summerslam 2007

VENUE : East Rutherford, New Jersey

DATE : 6th August 2007


BACKGROUND : John Cena and Randy Orton followed very similar paths in the WWE as both men came through the system at around the same time and both went on to have stellar careers holding almost every title the company has to offer. During the brand split in the mid 2000s though they were kept quite separate from each other, this was until the summer of 2007 when Orton attacked Cena setting up a match for Cena's WWE World Title. Could Orton defeat Cena to add the WWE Title to his already impressive C.V.? Or would Cena continue his impressive streak that had seen him hold the belt for nearly a year?

MATCH REVIEW : This was a good main event of a pretty poor Summerslam overall. The novelty of two good main event stars like Cena and Orton getting in the ring together was still there which seems mad in 2015 since these two have now had more matches against each other than any other pairing I can remember. The crowd was very into this match and the psychology of Orton trying to attack Cena's head was clever! Good match, not the best these two have had but well worth the watch.