MATCH : CM Punk v Jeff Hardy


EVENT : Summerslam 2009

VENUE : Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

DATE : 23rd August 2009


STIPULATION : Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match

BACKGROUND : This match was built upon two very different philosophies in the way to live your life. Storylines like these build great tension but they can blur the lines of reality and fiction. CM Punk lives a very clean and healthy lifestyle which he calls 'straight-edge' meaning he has never touched alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or anything healthy. Jeff Hardy on the other hand lives what he calls an extreme lifestyle and openly admits making mistakes with drugs in the past. The feud started when Punk cashed in his Money in the Bank contract on Hardy to win the WWE World Title and continued when he would start to berate Hardy for his poor lifestyle choices. The two men had good matches at The Bash and Night of Champions where Hardy would regain the belt but they would be booked to face a third time at Summerslam in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

MATCH REVIEW : This was a very good feud and a great way to end it was through this awesome TLC match. This was Jeff's last match in the WWE and unfortunately his drug problems would continue throughout the years. The actual match was very solid and the Jeff Hardy swanton bomb off the top of the ladder onto the announce desk is a very memorable modern day moment. Perfectly paced and wonderfully received by the live fans! This is a very good TLC match that doesn't come off as top spot heavy.