MATCH : Daniel Bryan v John Cena


EVENT : Summerslam 2013

VENUE : Staples Center, Los Angeles, California

DATE : 18th August 2013


BACKGROUND : The General Manager of Raw at the time, Brad Maddox, had decided that John Cena could choose his own opponent at Summerslam and after a couple of hours he decided on fan favourite Daniel Bryan. Cena claimed that Bryan was the most worthy opponent on the roster and the fans appreciated that. Unfortunately, WWE CEO Vince McMahon didn't appreciate it as he felt that Bryan wasn't a headline act and not worthy of main eventing PPVs. It was obvious at this point that Maddox and McMahon had a vendetta against Bryan so to make sure there is no outside interference Triple H was made special guest referee. It is also worth noting that Randy Orton was lurking in the shadows of the WWE Champion as he was in possession of the Money in the Bank contract meaning he can cash in at any time!

MATCH REVIEW : I actually watched this match in a bar in Florida which was the first time I had watched any wrestling in America. I was on my honeymoon at the time but my wife came and watched it with me and the atmosphere was great, an experience I will never forget! This was a great match that shows exactly what John Cena is capable of when up against a wrestling specialist like Daniel Bryan and when he actually sells which he does in this match. It was the same situation when Cena was in a great feud with CM Punk, we really got to se the best of Cena! A lot of the counters in the match didn't gel too great but other than that this was a stellar performance from both men and a possible match of the year contender. The surprise ending with Triple H turning on Bryan after he has his big moment and Orton cashing in his briefcase only added to the excitement.