MATCH : Booker T v Chris Jericho v Kane v Rob van Dam v Shawn Michaels v Triple H


EVENT : Survivor Series 2002

VENUE : Madison Square Garden, New York

DATE : 17th November 2002

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWE World Heavyweight Title

BACKGROUND : When the WWE split into two seperate brands in 2002, the Raw brand decided to crown it's own World Champion and brought in 'The Big Gold Belt' to rival the WWE Title which was currently being defended on Smackdown. Triple H was given the Heavyweight Title and he would go on to succesfully defend the belt for months against all challengers until General Manager Eric Bischoff placed him in a newly invented match at Survivor Series. The match would be called 'Elimination Chamber' and would take place in a large cell with a pod in each corner. Two men would start the match and the other four men would be locked in a pod. Every minutes another pod would open till all six men have been released into the match. The winner of the match would be the man left standing when the others have been eliminated through pinfall or submission. The match would have added bite as Shawn Michaels was back from injury and wanting to gain revenge on Triple H who had put him on the sidelines since Summerslam by attacking him with a sledgehammer. Chris Jericho, Booker T and Rob van Dam being added to the match was an added bonus as all three had been putting on great matches in 2002 whilst Kane as the monster of the match gave him an interesting destructive role.

MATCH REVIEW : The debut of Elimination Chamber proved to be a large success, so much so that the WWE continues to use the Elimination Chamber gimmick ten years later and it has even been given it's own PPV. The match itself was spot on with everyone playing their roles perfectly especially Michaels and Triple H who seemed to crank it up a couple of gears when they were the two remaining participants. The added enjoyment was seeing HBK lift a World Championship for the first time since his serious back injury which forced him out of the wrestling business for over four years. A decade later and this match in my opinion is still the best Elimination Chamber is yet to be beaten.