MATCH : Edge v John Cena


EVENT : Unforgiven 2006

VENUE : Toronto, Canada

DATE : 17th September 2006




BACKGROUND : These two men had been feuding over the WWE Title for quite a while and although Edge was walking in as champion both men had been evenly matched each having held the strap on two occasions. The match was built around the fact that Cena had the deck stacked against him with the event being held in Edge's hometown of Toronto under TLC rules which was  the stipulation chosen by Edge. The added stipulation was that if Edge won then Cena would have to leave Raw and join the Smackdown brand, so could Cena upset the odds or would Edge hold onto his much loved WWE Title?

MATCH REVIEW : This would be the first ever TLC match contested in singles competition and many weren't convinced it would work but these men made it work by putting on a great match. This was just before the PG era so it was quite the bloody brutal brawl that everyone had hoped for. Many people believe John Cena to be a lazy worker who only has a handful of matches but I totally disagree, he could sell more for his opponents but that aside he usually entertains and takes some great bumps. A great match between the two men who would dominate the WWE over the next five years till Edge's sudden retirement.