MATCH : Brock Lesnar v Kurt Angle


EVENT : Wrestlemania 19

VENUE : Seattle, Washington

DATE : 30th March 2003


BACKGROUND : The headline match at Wrestlemania 19 was for the WWE World Title between Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle. The two men had been feuding for some time on the Smackdown brand and the match was made official when Brock managed to win the Royal Rumble to get the chance to face the champ. Kurt Angle had been champion for the third occasion for the last 5 months but Lesnar was hungry to win the title having previously tasted WWE gold. With both men in their prime and regarded as two of the biggest names in the sport at this time, the match was hyped as a big deal. So could it live up to its potential?

MATCH REVIEW : To watch this match a whole decade later makes you think just how much the wrestling industry (in particular the WWE) has changed. This is a brutal but technical bout between two men who many thought would be the stars of WWE for many years to come (how wrong we were!!!). This is easily one of the best matches to headline Wrestlemania and that is all credit to both Angle and Lesnar who put on a marvellous show of counters.....reversals.....and counter reversals. Must win match from two of the best talents in American wrestling history.