MATCH : Chris Benoit v Shawn Michaels v Triple H


EVENT : Wrestlemania 20

VENUE : Madison Square Gardens

DATE : 14th march 2004

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWE World Heavyweight Title

STIPULATION : Triple Threat Match

BACKGROUND : HHH came into Wrestlemania 20 as the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion having held the title for his third time since December when he defeated Goldberg. HHH and his Evolution faction had been running riot over everyone and one person in particular, Shawn Michaels, was sick of it and had been trying to dethrone him as champion. Unfortunately, after many failed attempts HBK had to stand back and watch as Chris Benoit won the Royal Rumble and won the right to face HHH at Wrestlemania. Michaels would try and persuade Benoit to move aside and let him take the Wrestlemania opportunity but after months of arguing the WWE 'sheriff' Steve Austin decided on a triple threat match for the belt involving all three men. Could either Benoit or Michaels get the better of HHH and his cronies or would he manage to cheat himself through another victory?

MATCH REVIEW : Almost a decade after this match originally took place it is unfortunately now quite a difficult match and post match celebration to watch for obvious reasons. Aside from that though this is easily one of the best triple threat matches of all time and an added reason for why Shawn Michaels is Mr Wrestlemania. The way these three men were able to deliver great near falls and near submissions in a triple threat was probably the major positive in this match that had so much to rave about. The fans in the crowd were roaring on Benoit through the match and when he came back from the big table bump, the crowd popped for him so much that they even started to boo Shawn Michaels. At the end the fans got their wish when Benoit made HHH tap out with a clean submission which made the match all the more memorable! Great Wrestlemania match again involving Shawn Michaels!