MATCH : Kurt Angle v Shawn Michaels


EVENT : Wrestlemania 21

VENUE : Staples Center, LA, California

DATE : 03/01/2005

Background : This short feud began at the Royal Rumble just a few months prior when Shawn Michaels eliminated Angle from the Royal Rumble match. Kurt took exception to Shawn eliminating him and ruthlessly attacked him for costing him a chance to headline Wrestlemania. A few weeks later on Smackdown, Michaels challenged Angle to a match at Wrestlemania which was accepted via another savage attack. In the weeks leading up to the Pay-Per-View Angle would mock Michaels by humiliating his former tag team partner Marty Jannetty and his former valet Sensational Sherri. The other heavily promoted side to this match was that Shawn Michaels was a Raw Superstar and Kurt Angle a Smackdown Superstar which made this match interpromotional. This may not sound a lot nowadays but in 2005 these matches were rare and saved for the big occasions like Wrestlemania.

MATCH REVIEW : The major postive regarding this match is that not only did it live up to the hype that had surrounded it but surpassed it. For the weeks running up to the event many people were holding this match as the show-stealer between two legends that had made a living out of putting on great wrestling matches and that's exactly what it turned out to be. I hold this match in very high regard and class it as one of the best top 3 matches in Wrestlemania history. The match itself started slowly but built up to a high tempo finish with some excellent near falls. This match managed to get the whole crowd standing on there feet giving a huge applause to the two men who had endured so much. Kurt Angle has spoke about this match being his favourite match of all time which is a big deal if you consider all the classic matches he has had over the years. The feud sizzled out after the Pay-Per-View which is a shame because the return match would have been interesting.