MATCH : John Cena v Shawn Michaels


EVENT : Wrestlemania 23

VENUE : Fort Field, Detroit, Michigan

DATE : 1st April, 2007



BACKGROUND : Since his win over Triple H at Wrestlemania 22 John Cena had grown as a wrestler. Cena held the World Title for most of the last calendar year except from a small blip in the summer when he lost to Rob van Dam at One Night Stand. Shawn Michaels won the right to challenge for the belt by defeating Edge and Randy Orton in a triple threat match. Over the coming weeks leading to Mania 23 Cena and Michaels would team up to battle against other tag teams on Monday Night Raw. Eventually the relationship got too strained and Michaels super kicked Cena the week before the big match.

MATCH REVIEW : It's matches like this one that make you realise why they called Michaels Mr Wrestlemania!! No matter who he faced he always gave the most he could and always brought the best out of his opponent. In this match though, Cena was absolutely no slouch as he excels in doing something he probably doesn't do enough - selling. When Michaels started attacking the leg of Cena that is when the match kicked in proper and these two had a match worthy of headlining Wrestlemania. The two men would actually go on to have an even better match on an episode of Raw based in the UK not too long later.