MATCH : Booker T v CM Punk v Edge v Finlay v Jeff Hardy v Matt Hardy v Mr Kennedy v Randy Orton


EVENT : Wrestlemania 23

VENUE : Detroit, Michigan

DATE : 1st April 2007

STIPULATION : Money In The Bank Ladder Match

BACKGROUND : Wrestlemania 23 would follow the tradition set at the previous two Wrestlemanias and have a Money In the Bank Ladder Match with the winner given an opportunity to face any champion for their Title at any point over the course of the next 12 months. The previous two winners (Edge and Rob Van Dam) had gone on to win World Titles with help from the MITB briefcase so whoever won the match would be given an opportunity to become a main event star. This year though the match would have eight participants rather than the usual six making it even harder to win the honour. Edge was the first man to be entered into the match and was deemed the favourite due to his previous victory, CM Punk made his Wrestlemania debut as the second participant, King Booker was the third person to qualify, the fans favourite was Jeff Hardy who qualified next, Mr Kennedy was the fifth participant, a Hardy Boyz reunion was set when Matt Hardy qualified sixth, Finlay then was the next to book himself in the match and lastly Randy Orton was the eighth man to enter. Would eight men make the match too sloppy or could they better the previous two MITB ladder matches?

MATCH REVIEW : This is one of the best opening matches in Wrestlemania history with a great ladder match. The one thing WWE do great with these matches is add a mixture of wrestling styles and individual stories as to why each man wants or needs to lift the briefcase. The eight men all worked and bumped their ass off throughout this match especially Jeff Hardy & Edge who can claim a ladder match to be somewhat one of their specialities. Having eight men scrap for the case instead of six didn't take anything away from the match and only added to a spectacular bout in Wrestlemania history. Unfortunately Mr Kennedy didn't capitalise much on his push in the WWE and would end up losing the case before he could cash it in. Overall a very exciting match!