MATCH : Edge v The Undertaker


EVENT : Wrestlemania 24

VENUE : Citrus Bowl, Orlando, Florida

DATE : 30th March 2008

CHAMPIONSHIP : WWE World Heavyweight Title


BACKGROUND : The Undertaker was 15-0 at Wrestlemania with some major victories in the streak to that point. Edge and his cronies had been tormenting The Undertaker since he was able to cash in the Money in the Bank suitcase on the deadman. Both men had been putting on some great matches on PPVs and on Smackdown all year round but it was a slight shock that they were chosen to headline Wrestlemania 24. So would Edge be the man that would kill The Undertaker's streak or could The Deadman win the World a Heavyweight Championship?

MATCH REVIEW : This was up to date the best match so far in Undertaker's long Wrestlemania streak. Edge and Taker were able to pull off a great match that focused solely on Edge constantly getting the upper hand on The Deadman but coming up short at the end due to his cockiness! This was a superb match that proved to be the correct decision to headline the Wrestlemania. The two would go on to have several great matches with each other throughout the year, and many class this as one of Takers last great feuds!