MATCH : Shawn Michaels v The Undertaker


EVENT : Wrestlemania 25

VENUE : Houston, Texas

DATE : 5th April 2009

BACKGROUND : The Undertaker was unbeaten in his previous 16 matches at Wrestlemania and getting the opportunity to face him and end the streak was quickly becoming a big deal at the greatest event of the year. Shawn Michaels defeated JBL and Vladimar Kozlov in seperate matches to get the chance to square up against 'Taker at Wrestlemania 25 and he was confident in his chances of ending the streak. Over the course of the weeks running up to Mania 25 Michaels would try and play 'Taker at his own game by intimidating and proving that he himself is not scared of The Undertaker. Shawn seemed to have one up on 'Taker by highlighting the fact HBK was unbeaten against the dead man, so could the streak eventually be broken after 18 years?....

MATCH REVIEW : This match started off as awesome and ended as ultra awesome!! Shawn Michaels entrance dressed all in white was to signify the good and clean vs. Undertaker as an evil spirit which I thought was a great symbol. The crowd throughout this match were excellent by not only cheering both men but also screaming 'This is awesome' in parts of the match, having two Texans fight in front of a Texan crowd was obviously an epic decision. This really is a must see match and the third match between these two men to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Watch this match and it is in absolutely no doubt why these men are classed as two of the best wrestlers/entertainers of all time. The story of Shawn trying with all his might to defeat the streak and 'Taker trying his hardest to hold onto it makes this one of the most emotional in WWE history.