MATCH : Daniel Bryan v HHH


EVENT : Wrestlemania 30

VENUE : Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

DATE : 6th April 2014

BACKGROUND : The feud between Daniel Bryan and Triple H had lasted a long eight months when HHH screwed Bryan out of the WWE World Title. The road to Wrestlemania from the previous years Summerslam was full of Bryan trying his hardest to win back the belt whilst HHH tried to stop that from happening. Eventually, come Wrestlemania the main event was set between Champion Randy Orton and Royal Rumble winner Batista. Daniel Bryan though was able to hijack Monday Night Raw and hold HHH to ransom demanding a match against him at Wrestlemania with the winner being inserted into the main event at Wrestlemania 30 to make it a triple threat match. So could Bryan overcome the odds and bring happiness to the fans who had waited months to see him lift the strap?

MATCH REVIEW : This is a great way to open a show! The truth is everybody knew that Bryan would win this match and more than likely walk out as World champion but they added a whole load of drama that made it so much fun to watch. This match had it all really, suspense, action and a great crowd reaction to D-Bry. These two had great chemistry and credit to HHH who kept the pace perfectly and Bryan's selling was spot on. The thriple threat match to end the PPV was also a fantastic match but that is for another induction on another day!