MATCH : Brock Lesnar v Roman Reigns (v Seth Rollins)


EVENT : Wrestlemania 31

VENUE : Levi's Stadium, Santa Clara, California

DATE : 29th March 2015


STIPULATION : Match Turned Into a Triple Threat Match

BACKGROUND : Brock Lesnar walked into the Wrestlemania main event as WWE World champion having been on a very successful run since conquering The Undertaker's streak at the prior Wrestlemania. Meanwhile, having won the Royal Rumble match Roman Reigns got his chance to headline at the greatest stage in professional wrestling. With Lesnar on such a fantastic unbeatable run, how would Reigns fair against the beast incarnate? Also, with Seth Rollins currently holding the money in the bank briefcase, could he eventually cash in for a chance to walk out of Wrestlemania with the World title?

MATCH REVIEW : Lesnar and Reigns were having a better match than I had expected them to prior to Seth's appearance. They were telling a good story of how Lesnar kept destroying Reigns but couldn't quite get the job done. Reigns actually making Lesnar bleed made it look believable that he could go on to defeat the beast! The addition of Seth Rollins worked though as it gave everyone an out in terms of getting the belt off Lesnar (who doesn't need the title) and not putting it on Reigns (who many felt wasn't quite ready). A fantastic main event and probably the highlight of the show!